Ebola laughs at “putrid response”; infects another human

Are we just like, not serious at all about this thing? I get it, sort of, in that we’ll probably lose sixty times more humans this year to malaria than ebola. On the other hand, malaria doesn’t kill 70% of the folks it infects. So maybe we’d like to start pretending we care.

Why does every hack-lightweight-DC-power-player-loser need to be called a czar? Don’t people study history? (No) Don’t they realize the negative connotations of that word? Why do we need to call some weird “leader” guy a term associated with authoritarian despotism mixed with serfdom?


This scene looks ebola free. And fun too!

I also don’t get why this ebola czar is a professional politician and not maybe a doctor or a general or something. I mean, I do get it, this is DC after all. But still, that don’t make no sense either.

Aren’t we just admitting we’re totally unprepared to fight a true pandemic? That all our Defense, State, Health, CDC, etc resources are so incapable of victory that we need to appoint a whole new layer of bureaucracy to battle this problem?

Yeah, go back to our earlier post. Cue Influenza Pandemic Part II, and we’re screwed. 

Reality: “The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.”

Ebola: [tents DNA fingers] “Yes, yes. Good. Good.”


Is this guy a future monarch of St Peter’s court? Please to explain.

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