members of Congress desire to work inside barbed wire; surrounded by a crocodile moat; guarded by undead wraith spirits

Once upon a time a dude walked up to the White House and knocked on the door. Some guy named Thomas Jefferson answered in his bed clothes. That was rather healthy for the Republic I think. It kept those in government service close to the people. Now there’s a true separation wall fifteen feet high between us and them.

I read earlier today that Hilary Clinton admitted a while back that she hasn’t driven herself since 1996. And I’m like, wouldn’t you want to drive, even a little? Just for the hell of it?

And then yesterday a moron lands his mini-helicopter on the Capitol lawn and the reaction of Congress is? Well, outrage that the guy wasn’t shot down. Outrage!

Said everyday alarmist Chuck Schumer:

“How did it happen?” Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) wondered aloud. “How did the helicopter get through? Why weren’t there alarm bells that went off? Why wasn’t it intercepted? Did we know about it? How far from the Capitol grounds did we know?”

And remember kids, both sides are playing us for fools, so let’s not forget the Republicans are cut from the same fascist mold:

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said in a statement: “I am deeply concerned that someone has the ability to fly for over an hour through the most restricted airspace in our country, past the White House, and land on the lawn of the Capitol.”

What do these guys want? A Secret Service machine gun nest set up on every corner of the Capitol lawn? And when the next gyrocopter shows up the gunner lights it up with a 50 round burst. They’ll have to clean up the next gyrocopter pilot with tissue paper.

How about each Senator gets a Secret Service agent to stand next to them 24 hours a day armed with a flamethrower. Because you never know when you’ll need a good flamethrower to keep away the baddies (you and me).

I have a suggestion for Mister Schumer and Mister Johnson, if they want to always be 100% safe, don’t run for office. There are risks in life. Getting yourself elected a Senator of the Republic should always entail certain risks.

In order to do their jobs correctly, Mister Schumer and Mister Johnson need to interact with normal people. Not express their desire to work inside barbed wire; surrounded by a crocodile moat; guarded by undead wraith spirits who will cut down anybody who doesn’t show up at the door with at least a five-figure campaign contribution.

This to me, is a core reason governance on the Capitol is failing. Both sides are run by guys and gals who don’t even drive themselves, expect 100% perfect protection, and are otherwise cut off from normal society. No wonder they’re failing.


Secret Service; circa 2090; 100% perfect protection; guaranteed

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