the coffee before coffee

The tree in my matchbox sized frontyard has one lonely branch at eye level.  I’ve gotten to spend time with it every morning as the dogs go there instead of my backyard which has been flooded for most of the last three months (long story).  It’s been cool to hang out with the branch and otherwise watch it progress over many weeks of delicious spring as my dogs do their thing.

spring 2

At eye level, in the dark of an early weekday morning, the smell of the flowers is like the coffee before coffee.  I will miss it, but will look forward to it next year.  Although I don’t know if I’ll still live here by then (long story).

spring 1

I like these shots because they show the beginning, middle, and end of nature’s flowering-type-awesome-process (nature at control panel, stressed out, sweating).  Left to right progression in length of time since flowering began.  Hat tip nature.

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