It’s time, again, to calm down

If you watch the media, you’d think your neighbor, your best friend, your co-worker, your dog, and an elite team of leprechaun assassins are all out to do harm to the president.

Naturally, because they’re idiots, Congress has to get involved and criticize the Secret Service. Because there is no more competent organization in existence than Congress. They’ve got their shit together, and appropriately can tell folks who don’t to fix themselves.

Just like the mass hysteria over embassy security, my major problem with this flail is that folks won’t like the result they get. The best way for an embassy to never get hit is to close it forever. The best way for a president to never be in danger is to put him or her in a steel cage underneath the White House.

But that’s not their job. We need our leaders to interact with real people, as in the people they work for. Our Republic does not benefit from turning the president, any president, into somebody of regal, untouchable stature.

There are risks to anything in life. Being president is a risky job. If you don’t want the risk, don’t run for office.

But if we have a president who is always safe, he or she is not doing their job.


This was never meant to be a fortress

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