‘Je Suis Charlie’ lasted only three months

Talk is easy in today’s culture. You can tweet all kinds of awesome things and then forget about it four days later; and move onto the next cause you’ll forget about. So I suppose it’s not surprising that France forgot all about ‘Je Suis Charlie’ and what it meant.

Hey remember that hashtag march, the one where all those people marched through France’s streets?


I guess that was a big lie too. Which makes sense considering that some of the leaders who were arm-in-arm at this march are some of the most oppressive dictators on the planet.

And now France has convicted self-proclaimed-weirdo-cretin-loser Dieudonne for supposedly condoning terrorism with a tweet. In other words, France convicted a guy for exercising his right to free speech.

Nobody cared. Hardly anybody’s spoken up about this. I guess people don’t like Dieudonne? So they’re down with convicting him. And they have no desire to make the intellectual connection on free speech. “I like that guy, he can speak. I hate that guy, so shut him up.” Eh, sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Because in the end, everybody’s going to be made to shut up.

Part of being truly free is having to tolerate idiots and the nonsense they spout. Dieudonne’s not the best of men, but still deserves to have his voice heard just like anybody else.

Eh, or, I guess not, throw him in jail and fine him because he’s offended France. Kind of like how drawing Mohammed offends other people.

Hey, don’t object kids, modern society has a duty to prevent anybody, anywhere from being offended. Even if we all have to give up our freedoms and liberal values.

This kind of hypocrisy feeds evil. If it’s okay to draw Mohammed, it’s also okay for Dieudonne to tweet whatever the hell he wants. It’s either all okay, or none of it is. So as far as France is concerned, I guess none of it is.



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