When you decide it’s okay to beat your neighbor

Hey, I get it, if I was making peanuts and forced to stand outside for three weeks while a bunch of rich students protested the impossible, I guess I’d be pretty pissed off too. Don’t these kids have to earn money at some point? But you know what, I hope I’d hesitate before I started swinging on an unarmed man.

I don’t buy the whole, “the black cloaked dude speaking Mandarin is over there, manning the tear gas launcher” scenario. These are Hong Kong natives knocking on Hong Kong natives.

These folks probably live in the same apartment building. What do their grandmothers say to each other? “Oh, I heard your grandson just beat the shit out of my grandson. How’d that go for them? Boy, I just bought some great noodles.” Yeah, awkward.

I guess it’s in our primal nature. Give a human power and a stick and he’ll be clubbing his neighbor before the next harvest. What was that scientific experiment, where they gave folks power over others and they abused it?

I think they let some students have power to control the smartphone use of others. And they abused their power and took the phones away. Then the students who didn’t have the smartphones died of exposure and insanity. Or at least that’s what I remember of it. Honest.

Anyways, Hong Kong’s former finest aren’t alone in overuse of power. Even America has a huge problem with the enforcers robbing their neighbors of their freedom:


I guess this is a lament as much as anything else. Yes, those tart Brit bastards never implemented full democracy when they were overlords of Hong Kong either. But they still left the place with one of the most respected, competent police forces on the planet.

Now they’ve turned into the goon squad for a bunch of Beijing-based-communist-dictators and their Hong-Kong-based-global-capitalist-titan-collaborator-sellouts. Which when you really think about it, it hurts your brain.


Notice how none of these cops is wearing a real uniform

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