Banning things is awesome!

Let’s ban everything!  Especially “lewd TV content”!  Who wants that stuff?  Well, apparently not China’s “State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television”.  Phew, that took a lot to type.  I need a drink (another one).

They want to ban fictional (as in, not factual acts sanctioned by the State): “murders, suicides, kidnappings, drug abuse, gambling or ‘supernatural occurrences’”

In other words, I think they want to ban all of existing television content that’s worth watching.

The other interesting thing to note is this ban applies specifically to video streaming on the web.  For you see, China’s citizens have begun to turn away from State Television and go online to see things that are, you know, entertaining.  So they go online and stream actual shows instead of State propaganda garbage.  Trash that makes this degenerate blog look like a work of Shakespeare’s fucking ghost.

Well, no longer.  Now the State is going to censor things online too.  Oh, you silly Reds, you’re so moral.  You dudes are the very picture of upright and just behavior.

Accordingly, we at The Arcturus Project have approved this following list for use by you Reds to uphold your honored rule!  The following things are thus worthy of a solid ban from you as “lewd content” against your people:

– Robbing poor farmers of their land, without just compensation, in order to construct shitty apartment blocks, built by property companies owned by the politicians who stole the land, and then beating said farmers in the street when they protest

– National leaders who have personal fortunes in the billions when they never had a job that wasn’t in Communist government

– Denying human rights that citizens are entitled to by their own constitution, with force, and via an internal security armed police cadre with a budget so large it trumps the entire armed forces combined

– Having a completely separate unaccountable legal system, one for the Reds, and the other for average normal people

– Backing out of an agreement you signed to provide Hong Kong with shit you promised, and pretending it never happened

– Blatantly sending an oil rig into clearly disputed waters, while giving your several-millennia neighbor the finger, along with a whole flotilla of armed vessels, and then ramming wooden protest boats that get in your way

xi beijing apec

Hey Xi, can we ban you for “lewd content” against your own people and all of humanity?

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