All is well, please carry on

It’s quite the interesting day in the news. Why, it’s always good news isn’t it? The news dudes wouldn’t only report bad news, would they? What incentive would they have to do that?

violent extremists doing what violent extremists do; politicians engaging in pointless political theater; cats and dogs living together; rich celebrities accusing other rich celebrities of horrible crimes; outrage about things; mass hysteria; more outrage about things; climactic unbridled zoo escape organized by six lemurs and four pythons; and so on


These are the times where one acknowledges their very small place in a large world and a freaking massive universe. I’m just some dude in a cubicle. Whatever.

This morning it was probably 15 degrees out. At five in the morning that’ll wake you up in a hurry. Which is important when you have three dogs relieving themselves inside a postage stamp sized backyard.

And you look up and the bare cold has unleashed quite the view of the morning stars. And it’s awesome to be reminded first thing in the morning that you’re alive riding our little floating rock. It’s all good.

And then the doggies look up, tails wagging, “Hey. Hey! Enough stars, let’s go.” Time for kibble. Start the day.

All is well. Please carry on.


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