Old woman deemed mortal threat to brutal police state

There aren’t that many jobs worth having. In fact, pretty much all occupations suck. Yet I’m going to blatantly declare that “Warrior for Freedom” is one you can brag about. Particularly when you’re an old woman and your enemy has a free-standing army of over sixty-thousand goons.

The underlying weakness of the dictator is directly proportional to the bizarre overreaction imposed upon a small and insignificant threat. We’re going to call this the Arcturan Law. Or is it inversely proportional? Whatever, we don’t care.

Our last two posts were rather angry and aimed squarely at folks we believe intend to knowingly or unknowingly demolish the human race. So we thought it best to follow this up with a post on somebody who we actually like. Someone who’s actually doing real beneficial work for the planet’s cause.

A person we feel worthy of the all-important title of: “A Real Live Human Being Not Destined to Destroy All Civilization”. Or what a normal person would refer to as: “A Real Good Gal”.

We thus give you the tale of Tatstsyana Hrachanikava. A woman denied the right to protest alone in front of the Russian Embassy in Minsk, Belarus. Among the more wild-ass accusations levied against her proposed protest, per the BBC were:

She would, “damages the lawn or distracts drivers”

Her protest would be a, “mass event that might harm the environment and green spaces, obstruct pedestrians and traffic, and distract drivers from the road” 

She failed to outline, “specific steps to maintain public order and safety during the mass event”

Yeah, she looks like a real threat.

Tatstsyana Hrachanikava

I wish they’d let her do it. Then we could have viewed the comical scene of one woman opposed by six-hundred armored riot police.

Now as brutal dictators go, Alexander Lukashenko is a rather calm lightweight. Which we’re somewhat okay with. In other tyrannies, Tatstsyana would have been jailed or shot years ago. Also, the Movement for Freedom that she belongs to actually has a functioning website: 


Which to the best of my internet discovery abilities, seems hosted in Belarus and is not viciously shut down by the KGB. No seriously, Belarus still has a KGB. But in the long run we’d nevertheless hope Alexander exits the stage like any overlord should.

We need to test ebola vaccines on Alexander. We also need to ensure we get accurate results. So we propose that we first infect Alexander with ebola, and then give him our test vaccine. It might not work. But we’re willing to take that risk.

My guests & I will facilitate this vital research. If you wish to provide us with a science grant to make this happen, please contact me. We take check, plutonium, cash, gold bullion, money-order, or beer. You can make a difference. Help us help the planet. We promise results.

Thank you for what you do, Tatstsyana. You’re losing the battle but winning the war. Freedom’s minions are inspired by you. Unfortunately I don’t think you’ll be alive when your country is finally liberated. But when it is, I hope they remember what you’re doing.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko a

A future recipient of the Nobel Prize for Science upon his untimely savage death in support of vital ebola research

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