California has a water problem? Why would that be?

It’s rather creepy that a sitting governor can claim he’s going to regulate how you shower; and that eight seconds later he’s not forced to resign by the entire belligerent torch bearing population of the state. Water allocation is likely humanity’s greatest problem of this century. Solving it will be rather hard. But eh, whatever, let’s just send a drone (mechanical or government worker variety) to monitor your shower habits.

Put simply, we’re not going to be able to get away with some of the dumb decisions we’ve made previously. There’s too many of us now. It doesn’t really matter why nature’s changing, take your political pick, and demonize your opposition until you pass out. We don’t care. It’s not important.

But however you slice it; the answer to water problems is to get less stupid. And likely, to pay an actual market price for water and/or food. Instead of passing the buck to our kids.  Five cents more for tomorrow’s tomato?  Actually only being able to get tomatoes in summer instead of 365 days a year; eh, better those things than no water for six hours a day.  Even just fifty years ago, buying a fresh tomato in January would have been a non-starter in most of America.

Fixing this is hard, but it’s a lot better than having a drone shower with you.

imperial valley

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