Hollywood caves to twelve year old boy

Oh man, I guess free speech is so overrated. Remember when Hollywood cared about such things? Dudes used to stake their tinsel careers and fortunes over principle. Now three words from a twelve year old boy are enough to end it all.

What really gets me, is that Hollywood doesn’t seem to make the intellectual connection as to the impact of this. How do they expect their business model to survive in a world where free speech doesn’t exist? Given what you’ve seen in the news, the actors seem to get this, but the studios don’t. I guess the studios are too busy looking at spreadsheets and trying to make fucking money.

Oh, it’s North Korea and not a twelve year old boy, so I should calm down? No, North Korea is a twelve year old boy. Either that, or no kidding this hack was done by a twelve year old boy. Who knows. But you know what? Who fucking cares.

This is our culture, our society. And we’ve become a bunch of weak-limp-wristed-losers. Here is how this should have gone down:


twelve year old boy: I’ll destroy any theater that shows that movie

culture: fuck you

twelve year old boy: I mean it, I’ll do it, I’ll kill you all

culture: fuck you


And so here we go, I’m putting my shitty blog where my mouth is. Maybe I’ll get hacked, maybe three dudes wearing velvet show up at my door at 4am, who knows. Who fucking cares.

Maybe I just have less to lose than Sony, so I can take this stance whereas they can’t. Well, maybe, but you know what, even though they have so much more money and power than me, they should still be equally fervent in their defense of our values.

I’m doing my part. Where are they? Where are we all?

If you read this, and you give a shit, find a way to speak your mind in defense of what we are.  Every little act counts.  It shows we believe in the values that make us, us.

We are free. They are not. End of story.

So here you go, enjoy:



Do your worst, twelve year old boy. Do your worst.

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