Oh no, not again

Is this what democracy is now? Monarchy in disguise? Do we really, really have to put up with another Bush-Clinton electoral saga? Oh please, make it stop.

Is there any doubt left that the game’s been rigged? I mean honestly, crackpot dictators have a harder time getting their kin on the ballot.

So let’s go primal. I propose a constitutional amendment. The relative of a former president can run for president.

But first, they have to take a full speed bare knuckled punch square to the face from the reigning heavyweight champion. This rule is to be applied regardless of age, gender, race, or preferred football team. And whatever happens, happens.

We’ll start by raising the ghost of John Quincy Adams so he can take the first shot to the head.

My idea is flawless. It can’t fail. Unlike our democracy. Which seems to fail more every day.

We’ll wake up tomorrow to hear a Reagan or a Carter kid threw their hat into the ring. Then Michelle will run too.

Oh please, make it stop.


Does anybody think we could conscript Kim Jong Un to run too?

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