Absurdity of the week

And now it’s time for our weekly (not weekly) absurdity of the week fact to be published on a weekly (not weekly) basis.  Oh, the joy of pointing out all of life’s little absurdities.  (slowly loads revolver in a dark room)

Why do none of the aliens in the movies wear clothes?

Like, these dudes are so advanced they can fold space and time to get here.  But they can’t sew a garment?  Maybe when you evolve to the point of interstellar travel, nudity is no longer taboo.

Like the Independence Day aliens apparently don’t own a pair of slacks.  This probably explains why they’re so destitute they can’t invest in anti-virus software.


Or the War of the Worlds guys who can’t survive bacteria.  You know, the thing that’s everywhere in the universe that contains life.  Maybe if they’d worn a jacket they wouldn’t have gotten sick so fast?


What about our friend, E.T.?  Is he some type of depraved-sexual-deviant?  Who hangs out with little children?  On his homeworld is he like a convicted sexual predator?


Could somebody please get E.T. a fucking bathrobe please.  He’s in a room with a bunch of kids.  Nudity not generally favorable around a bunch of kids.


Yes, hello, we’re from the Beta Centauri Bureau of Investigation, we’re looking for one Etah Tesk.  He’s wanted on six counts of adolescent kidnapping.

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