the disease is spreading

It used to be very rare, but now I see it pretty much every day.  It’s the folks who while walking the dog(s), are also hinged to the smartphone.  And not like they’re talking on the phone, I could kind of understand this, but actually tacking away at the phone.  I guess they’re either texting or surfing the web or something.  I guess?

Let’s briefly consider the whole point of walking a dog(s).

1) Dog(s) require exercise

2) Dog(s) require opportunity to expel physical waste

3) Human requires exercise

4) Human requires opportunity to expel mental waste

5) Human and dog(s) do, like, things, outside, together

What is so darn necessary or important that they need to have the phone out?  Can’t they unplug for 30 minutes while they walk the dog(s)?  Don’t they realize what constantly being plugged in does to their brains and health?  There’s like, nature and like, things you can see when you’re outside.

And I’m pretty sure the dog(s) know they’re not paying attention.  So it’s like a logical machine is walking the dog instead of a human.  And since their brains are inside the phone, they might as well be mentally walking the dog(s) inside a black hole.  Which is where this behavior is taking their souls.

We usually make fun of the smartphone culture here, but I’m seriously thinking that this phone thing is becoming a disease.  And that it’s spreading.

walking dog

“Uh, excuse me, Miss?  Miss?  There’s a text awaiting your attention.  Please stop enjoying life with your dog(s).”

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