The referendum is irrelevant, the UK is already dead

So this is what all those Scots fought and died for. Whether it was Wallace, Bruce, the dudes of 1745, it’s all come down to this one single gambit:

– Who can more effectively bribe the Scottish citizen, London or Edinburgh?

Is the future of Scotland a welfare-petro state fueled from Edinburgh or a welfare-banker state fueled from London?

Who cares. The UK is already dead. When all you’ve got left to offer the people is cash, or arguments about cash, you represent an organization not worth saving.

The best, last-minute gamble played by the UK’s three-party supporters is to devolve more power to Scotland. So they’re trying to save the UK, by making it weaker. Nothing about that makes sense. It’s over. Just let them leave. You’ve already lost the right to rule.

If you ask me, the UK died last year, when Parliament voted to do nothing when Bashar Assad found it his right to gas children. This was a Britain that essentially told the planet:

“Fuck you. We no longer care.”

This apathy is what the referendum is all about. It’s about the method by which Scotland will become isolated, insular, and just wealthy enough to keep the people moderately happy. I guess so they can live comfortably and safely inside their little bubble.

Maybe they can pull it off. Maybe the oil won’t run out before they run out of money. But eventually, I suspect, whether it’s an international crisis, or an oil crisis, or a budget crisis, that somebody’s eventually going to be asking Edinburgh’s rulers (whoever they are):

“And how will you be paying for that, Sir?”


An axe swinger, whose descendants have decided to check out

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