It’s interesting what two dudes consider “resolute action”

So, I’ve got a question for CY Leung. Why do his cops, those engaged in “resolute action” not wear uniforms? I’m sure CY will get right back to me with the answer. He seems like a standup guy.

No but seriously, have a look at this snap:

hong kong thug

1) Why is a riot cop, in the attack, wearing street clothes? His helmet says, “Police” but something tells me that’s a lie, right?

2) Seeing as how the People’s Armed Police (PAP) has a longstanding reputation for employing plain-clothes-thugs, might we not infer that the Reds have unleashed the PAP onto the streets for the specific purpose to beat people?

3) Take a really, really close look at this photo. The baton-wielding-goon-asshole in this picture is smiling. No, he’s not grunting from the exertion of hitting an unarmed man with a rod. Really, take a look, he’s smiling.

But hey, just so you Red jerks know I remain an equal opportunity asshole, I’m also going to take a shot at self-proclaimed-allstar Joshua Wong. Joshua’s supposedly leading the student protests. Because he said so. And now he’s on a hunger strike until talks are resumed:

“Living in these troubled times, there is a duty. Today we are willing to pay the price,” the students [Joshua and two of his acolytes] said in a statement.

Hey Joshua, no offense dude, but it isn’t just about you. Get over yourself.

Your tactic isn’t going to work. The Reds will just wait you out and/or let you starve. And they’ll still not agree to any substantive talks. Thus making your actions bizarre and utterly pointless.

Please come up with a different method of using your influence. Because if you think hunger strikes and mob attacks on government buildings are going to endear you to Hong Kong’s public masses, we invite you to observe how many have not bothered to care as the Reds dismantled your protest sites.

History shows revolutions draw those sitting on the fence to the side of righteousness with ideas and a clear separation between the sides. You need to find a way to make your point without self-assured-martyrdom and violence. Violence only makes you like exactly like everything you are fighting against. Not cool.

2 thoughts on “It’s interesting what two dudes consider “resolute action”

  1. Reblogged this on Liberalism is Trust Fucked with Prudence. Conservatism is Distrust Tainted with Fear and commented:
    Xi Jinping is a fool if he thinks that 17 years of autonomy can civilize 197 years Cantonese Coolies Colony. They’re British slaves as the rest of commonwealth country. They ain’t allowed to be fucked with rears lubed by England.
    What’s Hong Kong protesters and CCP have in common?
    Both are 8 million scavenging hyenas parasitizing over 1.4 billion Dumb Chinese. Now quit fucking News Headlines and go to bed or I call Obama to ship you some Ebola to make Hong Kong civility more exciting. You hear me!
    On Sep 29, 2014 I said:
    How would one feel safe when Cantonese coolies called themselves Hong Kongers by Christian names as [Alex] Chow, [Louis] Chan, [Steve] Hui, Sylvia Hui rather than mandarin Do Chan and Leung Chun-Ying? Are we talking Piccadilly Chinatown or Mong Kok? Don’t bother to reply. Just keep reading my questions? Did Beijing bend the roles and backout? Don’t answer. Why Leung Chun-Ying ain’t stepping down? Don’t please. Who ignited HK riot and defused it? Just keep reading. Can I continue? I would worthy the worthless if I did. Read my previous notes:
    Who the fuck is US Secretary of State John Kerry to school and say US has ‘high hopes’ that Hong Kong authorities will exercise restraint and respect so protesters can express their views.
    The only upgrade the Privileged Trios got over Iraq is that they ain’t run by warlords’ clergymen but enchained & fucked by shady Seigniorage Banksters and common thieves. Hong Kong Democracy is an UGLY Thugocracy as Japan & Korea. They’re autocruised by US & UK conquistadores to entrain the status quo.
    Hong Kong Democracy is the liquid Gemini of Beijing solid scat Fuckocrasy. Quit following Xi Jinping Redherring. It’s too stooopid, amateur and deadly boring. Hong Kong Mediawhores desperately struggling to strike rich outta dull weekend. Otherwise media drakouts is overwhelming thanks to Beijing’s TB powers that shield her away from nemesis. Don’t be fooled by virals it’s just those cheap Chinese failing Photoshops. It’s a scam. Watch the HK police stunt show, they ain’t CCP-PLA they’re choreographed Hong Kong’s leader, Leung Chun-ying Police. Those Looosers zombies who hit the streets fucking every civility over headlines will come around on Monday and do serenely what Jacky Chan and Jet Li says unless they like it to skip work and schools.


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