I take it all back

None of you will remember our post from last month in which we encouraged folks to:

“Next time you’re in the real world, think before you whip out the phone. Perhaps, try and talk to someone you don’t know.” 

You won’t remember because either:

 a) Nobody reads this blog

 b) You wouldn’t recall something you read that felt as if it was written by a drugged moron


Well, we still took our own advice. We talked to somebody we didn’t know. So how’d it go?

Not good. Instead of having a decent conversation with a 62 year old woman about all of life’s adventures, her wisdom, the mysteries of the universe? No, fuck that, she decided she’d prefer to hit on me. No seriously. This happened.

Since none of you know me personally (my guests won’t allow it) we shall clarify I’m about half her age. Granted, I’m starting to really get a lot of grey hair (thanks alcohol). But wow, this was absurd. Then she got real angry when I, politely, chuckled and said I would not be calling her like she requested. No, she was not drunk. But I sure wish I was. 

So needless to say, I was not the caveman for the rest of my travels. I spent the remainder of my airport waiting time about forty feet from the nearest human.

I take it all back. I don’t want to talk to anybody. Ever again.


Somebody please help me, I need to escape outta here

2 thoughts on “I take it all back

  1. Funny!

    I suppose that in a world in which people interact with the people around them less and less—and people are correspondingly more and more isolated, even lonely—the smallest courtesies (opening a door for a lady, striking up a conversation, even just smiling) can seem like a come-on. I suppose she misinterpreted and thought you had started it.


  2. I am not a people person, but I love talking to random people here and there, specially on trains and busses. I end up knowing some gloriously random stuff. Also I do not have to see them ever again.


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