Your local I.T. professionals are on the case

IT:  “We have resolved your issue and thank you for your assistance.”

TAP:  “It still doesn’t work.”

IT:  “You are mistaken, it always works.”

TAP:  “If you write me an e-mail saying it doesn’t, I can go home, and then I’ll leave you alone so you can go back to doing nothing useful.”

IT:  “This proposal has no bearing on my quality of life.  I don’t actually listen to you anyways, so your absence or presence, either way, goes unnoticed.”

TAP:  “Is this like, some kind of creepy metaphor for life in general?”

IT:  “I am incapable of any higher level thought, so quite frankly, I have no fucking idea.”

TAP:  “Oh.”

IT:  “Yeah.”

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