Elon Musk is insane, and maybe we’ll all be the better for it

So the hardest part of making an electric car is the battery.  When you read about the technology, the science, the risk, the cost, it seems creating a functioning electric car battery that doesn’t cost six-figures is black magic.  Like alchemy’s back in season.  You have to sacrifice three politicians to the god Cabrakan before the next full moon or the lithium won’t hold a charge right.

So what does Elon Musk decide to do?  Open a $5B battery factory in middle of nowhere Nevada alongside Panasonic.  To give you an idea how much money $5B is in the car industry, Ford’s 2013 net income was $7.15B.  Oh by the way, Panasonic is a company that’s struggled for years.


So by any reasonable business measure, Musk’s a lunatic for doing this.

But just look at the guy, he looks completely unhinged:


If somebody smiled at me like that, and we were alone in a room, I’d probably start looking for the closest edged weapon.

The dude’s said he desires to go to Mars and then die there.  Which probably comes as news to his wife.  Seeing as how, you know, they’re married.  Maybe she’s all for it?  Or maybe he plans on kidnapping her and dragging her to the rocket?

Is this factory gamble going to work?  I have no idea.  But if it does, it could revolutionize the battery and car industries simultaneously.  If that occurs, there’s no limit to the awesomeness that could occur for all humanity.

Think of it. Battery powered robot dinosaurs that clean your bathroom!  What could go wrong?

History is strewn with crazy men and women who took off the wall risks and changed the course of human history.  History is also strewn with crazy men and women who took off the wall risks and were ruined.  It’ll be a lot of fun to see if Musk’s gamble pays off.


Great news folks, the table in the back is the sign up sheet for Mars.  One way trip!  Anybody interested!  Anybody?  [cricket, cricket]

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