lack of ability to dual wield leads to vicious cherry tree club beating

I’m going to try and not get too into this.  As I’ve previously written, both Clinton(s) and Bush(es) need to go away.  For the sake of democracy.  But I just can’t let this one go.

First off, why did this presser occur at the UN, like, the United Nations.  Really?  Why is she giving a presidential campaign political speech from the UN?  Is the UN going to endorse her campaign?  Did she have a meeting with the ambassador from Brunei she couldn’t reschedule?  It’s just so very weird.

Second, so she bought her own creepy private server to conduct official government business because she didn’t want to carry two phones.  Really?  I want you to try that excuse the next time you get caught breaking federal law and see how long it takes the federal government to throw your ass in jail.

In very few cases is the disparity between modern America’s ruled and rulers so very clearly on display.  She doesn’t even care.  It’s like she daring anybody to call her out on it.  What are you going to do, go after her?  Sue her?  She has the finest lawyers money can buy.  And you don’t.  Me neither.  So I guess we’re screwed.

What’s next?  Is Bush(es) going to show he can actually carry two phones?  And then Clinton(s) will have to go on stage holding three phones?  Then Bush(es) goes out there with a belt full of phone holsters.  Then during the debate the both of them are wearing jackets made entirely of cell phones.  And then the ghost of George Washington comes rushing out from backstage and starts beating them both with an immaculate cherry tree club.  And the audience cheers.

"Hillary Rodham Clinton"

if I can dual wield a shot glass and beer can; she can carry two phones; otherwise she’s unqualified to lead

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