miserable people with nothing better to do continue assault on human joy

When I was a kid, I so looked forward to the circus that I crossed off the days on a calendar.  The only other time in my life I can remember doing this was marking the days until my first job ended (even all these years later that boss remains the worst I’ve ever had).  So it’s safe to say I enjoyed the circus.

Well, that was fun.  No more.  Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus has caved to PETA and other do-gooders and is taking away the elephants.  So kids will no longer experience that joy.


By the way, PETA runs some of the most prolific animal kill shelters on the planet.  So I’m rather at a loss to understand why it’s humane for PETA to kill dogs and cats, but Ringling Brothers using elephants is beyond the pale.  I guess, like most do-gooders, the rules that PETA applies to others, do not apply to them.

I’m also pretty sure a circus elephant probably lives like four times as long while performing as they do in the wild.  So is it correct to state that PETA wants elephants to die younger?  I think it is!  Thanks PETA, when Dumbo’s bleaching in the sun I hope he curses you to the elephant god (Ganesha) before the poor animal departs for Valhalla to begin a second life as an armored mounted war elephant.

This is of course, just the beginning.  You don’t think folks like PETA are just going to stop, do you?  There’s another kid somewhere in America that’s happy, that has to stop.  Happiness is a bad thing for PETA, it takes away their raison d’etre.

I’m calling it right now.  By 2090, all zoos will be illegal.  But by 2089, human joy will have extinguished.  So it won’t matter.


Soon, PETA promises to make all human existence just as miserable as their pathetic wasted lives



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