cultural appropriation is inhuman

More and more I’m seeing this cultural appropriation term.  The latest internet rage is apparently against a teenager (as in, not an adult) who wore a gown to the prom in a Chinese style.  This is apparently a problem for some people (I guess) because she is not Chinese.

So for some people (I guess) the idea is that only Chinese people or people of Chinese background are allowed to wear gowns in the Chinese style.  I think.  Well, if that’s what cultural appropriation is?  Then cultural appropriation is inhuman.

I thought the whole point of our human journey was to bring us all closer together?  I thought that was the whole point of modern progressiveness?  How do we do that by adding yet another redline that nobody can cross without offending somebody else?

I’ve seen this cultural appropriation nonsense in other ways too, like with food.  So I guess I’m not allowed to write a recipe for a Thai curry or Indian rice because I’m not Indian or Thai?  Too bad.  I just did it last week.  You’ll see them posted on this blog soon enough.  If somebody finds it offensive, that’s of course their right, but I won’t give a shit.

I’ve worn a kimono before, and I’m not even Japanese.  Oh my, what horror!

Any person, of any color or creed or religion or favorite football team should  be able to wear whatever gown they want.  I will write whatever recipe I want.  I will not bin humanity into 735 boxes that are not allowed to touch each other.

One of the great gifts of life and our human race is to learn, experience, and grow from experiencing backgrounds that are not our own.  It’s how we mature as humans and enrich our lives.  It makes us better people.

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