Channel your inner Deke!


I guess I don’t really understand the problem.  Dennis Rodman is apparently the new Hitler because he has taken money to play basketball from a megalomaniacal psychopath, who also happens to be the dictator of North Korea.

But the media that condemns him takes money all the time.  They’ve got to pay the gas bill like everybody else, I  think.  Charlie Rose interviewed an equally abhorrent piece of human feces known as Bashar Assad.  Rose gushed about how this was one of the key events of his life.  Does anybody think Charlie did that interview for free?  Maybe Charlie is so much more awesome and cultured than you & I that money is beneath him?  But I doubt it.

Now you might claim that Rose is performing a public service whereas Rodman is not.  I don’t agree.  Rose’s interview told us something about Assad.  I think Rodman’s act also tells us a great deal about Kim.

But Dennis, friend.  You still have a chance to be a true hero.  Does anybody remember the short lived television series Soldier of Fortune Inc, in which Rodman played the mercenary Deacon “Deke” Reynolds?  I know you do!  Dennis, all you have to do is act like Deke, get real close to your “friend” Kim, and snap his fat neck like a cow bone.  His guards will mow you down, and another equally evil man would just take Kim’s place, but you’ll die a hero Dennis.  Think it over.  What have you got to lose, except all your precious, tasty money?

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