planes in the desert (revisited)

I like discovering things, always.  And being proved wrong, eh, sort of.  But especially when determining that you were way, way off holds zero negative consequences for you.

So a while back I figured a random transport company was stripping a 737 for parts.  This was based on extensive online research and photographic evidence that provides validation on why I’m not a detective.

Nope.  In fact (even if their original plan was parts) they’ve decided to scrap it.  So I was shocked when I drove by again on the way back to the airport to go home that there’s almost nothing left.  And there’s a big trash container full of scrap metal.  Enjoy it; you’ll be shaving with this former aircraft Circa 2017.  Goodbye, little aircraft.  I’m sure you flew well.




The Albatross is still there too; only they moved her closer to the fence.  But still caged away in the desert.  A long way from the ocean.


2 thoughts on “planes in the desert (revisited)

  1. Please tell me which boneyard this Albatross is in, so I might possibly include in my tour of South-Western boneyards this May.


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