I’m so, so sorry you’re here.

Arcturus DescriptionWe all have to begin somewhere, so I’m starting here. If you’ve taken time out of your day to see let alone read this, my apologies but your life is probably worse than mine.

So why am I doing this? Partially because I’ve been told I apparently have good things to say. But who doesn’t? Probably me, and you, and everybody else you know.

Mostly I’m just tired of being told what to think by others. In today’s delightful modern world, every day we’re all instructed on what to believe, buy, do, do-not-do, and so on. I guess I’m at the point that I feel the need to generate a different conversation. Is this blog the answer? No! Do I care? Not really!

Here I will spout nonsense. But I have no desire to tell you what to think. I hope only that this helps you to think for yourself and that you can aid others in doing the same.

Arcturus is one of the brightest stars in the sky. It also has an awesome name, look it up. My choice of this name is also a form of copyright infringement, but I won’t tell the giant octopus if you don’t. If our world was a boat, and it kind of is, Arcturus would incinerate our little baby star and planet if we ever sailed anywhere near it. And Arcturus isn’t even one of the largest stars in the universe. So if it makes you feel small and insignificant when considering these things, it’s probably time to learn how to ignore certain ideas.

So eventually maybe this blog will become a bright light of knowledge, or at least a joy, in your otherwise grinding day. Or maybe you’ll go blind from the extraordinary stupidity on display. Either way, it’ll be fun to find out. Welcome aboard,

One thought on “I’m so, so sorry you’re here.

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